Treasure Hunt

Adventure awaits you on a journey you’ll go
You’ll travel Dunedin, to where you don’t know.

Excitement, new places, and fun can be yours.
If you but discover and agree to explore.

We will give you some clues, some easy, some hard.
We’ll lead you through paths, like a game of charades.

Now agree to this quest and heave ho it will begin!
You’ll receive your first clue via text on the day therein!

When: Saturday, January 20th, 2024

Time: 10am-4pm (the hunt will take 60-90 minutes)

Who: Assemble a pirate crew of up to 6 mateys to partake (family friendly!)

What: $25 Donation to RAF is all we ask, and a mate on the team with a phone to submit your clues as you go and to watch your points bounty grow!

Treasure Hunt Tickets